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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scarf hanger for $1.00

I have to apologize for anyone coming to this post for the lack of images.  Somehow, all my blog images from June of 2014 onward were deleted, despite multiple backups and cloud storage through Google and Picasa.  I am still researching this and hoping to find them, but I will likely have to take new photos and re-upload them to this blog post.  Please be patient with me until I do so.  Again, I am very sorry. -Ashley

I have started to accrue a collection of scarves in my closet, and my lack of proper storage became evident when I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a TON of clothes!  I was so happy to have my closet organized, that I wanted to organize everything!  I had seen several tutorials on Pinterest, but I wanted  a hanger that was durable, pretty, and really inexpensive to make.

I figured that I could use a white plastic hanger that I had on hand. I snapped the little tank top hooks off of it, because ultimately I saw no use for them, but you may choose to hang something else from them, so that is up to you.

I found these shower curtain rings at the dollar store for a buck, and every single dollar store has some form of these for a dollar, and if it doesn't, your local dollar store sucks. :-)

The other supplies you will need are a hot glue gun and glue sticks (probably only one, really), and about 8 yards of ribbon.  I used grosgrain fabric ribbon in mauve.

First, plug in your hot glue gun and get it ready.  Put your hanger on a hard surface that will not be affected by heat (I put it right on the wood floor because I wanted this thing NOW, but you may want to put some parchment paper down on the floor if you do the same).

This part was a little tricky, because the shower curtain rings wanted to move a lot, but I put a dot of glue where each ring met the hanger, and another dot of glue where the rings touched each other.  Since these rings were pretty cheap-o and I was worried about any sharp edges, I put dots of glue where the rings came apart, and it closed off the potential spots that would snag a scarf, and it also connected it to the ring next to it.

My glue sticks are pretty old, so they're kind of yellow. They work very well, still!

Next, I took my ribbon off of the spool and rolled it up small enough so that I could wrap it around the hanger and put it through each shower curtain ring.  This part is essential, so be sure it fits!  As long as you are using 10 yards or less of ribbon, it should not be a problem, but the first few wraps will be a little snug.

To start wrapping, I put a dot of  hot glue on the hanger above the middle of the end shower curtain ring.  While it was still hot, I attached the end of the ribbon to it.  I started to wrap around the edge of the hanger and shower curtain ring, then I wrapped inside the shower curtain ring 2 or 3 times, then I moved to the next shower curtain ring.  You may need to wrap into the next shower curtain ring, then bring the ribbon back into the first ring once to get full coverage with the ribbon.  I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of this, but I didn't glue it in place again until I got to the end, so my hands were occupied!  You may need to glue it halfway through, just to keep it from getting too loose. the ribbon likes to loosen up.

While wrapping, also keep in mind that the shower curtain rings are not in place very securely at this point, so it is important to work by holding onto the hanger and not the rings while wrapping.

To finish it, I just cut the end ribbon at an angle (as you always should), and I glued it in place at the end in an inconspicuous spot.  I took a little extra ribbon and tied it around the top of the hanger, just because I had extra and I thought it looked cute.

Here is the finished product!  The total time it took was probably 15 minutes.  Not too bad for a buck!