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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Magnetic Poetry Wall Decor

I have to apologize for anyone coming to this post for the lack of images.  Somehow, all my blog images from June of 2014 onward were deleted, despite multiple backups and cloud storage through Google and Picasa.  I am still researching this and hoping to find them, but I will likely have to take new photos and re-upload them to this blog post.  Please be patient with me until I do so.  Again, I am very sorry. -Ashley

So I have always been really into magnetic poetry, and after years of being unwilling to spend 20 dollars on a set, I was browsing and found that the price had dropped!!! Nowadays, 6 bucks can get a decent set, so about a year ago, I indulged and got a set, including, of course, the F-word expansion set (hey, to each one's own, k?).

After having the set on my fridge for awhile, I started to desire something more portable for my immature bad poetry hobby, since standing in the kitchen isn't so conducive to one's creativity, ya know?  I went back on Amazon and the only thing I could find was a glorified cookie sheet for 10 bucks. Well, after doing some research on what magnetic metals I can buy rather inexpensively, I realized that I have a whole bunch of sheet metal leftover from my birdhouse project!  Here's how I did it:

You Will Need:

Sheet metal

More specifically, sheet metal that is magnetized-- I used a piece of metal from the ductwork section at Home Depot, it is galvanized and zinc-coated (make sure you get the zinc coated type--if you're not sure, you can bring a magnet with you to the store and if it sticks, it will work!  I researched other options, including magnetic wall decal, paint, etc, and this is still the cheapest option out there, and it looks awesome.  Luckily, my metal was leftover from my prior project, thus no additional cost.  However, if you do need to buy some, it is only $6.98 per sheet.  You really only need enough sheet metal to fill your frame, so as long as it is the same size as the glass, you're all set.

Tin Snips

There are several kinds of tin snips, but I recommend the aviation snips.  Really, anything with a yellow handle will work, as yellow is universal for tin snips that cut a straight line (not curving left or right, as pictured.  I got this set of tin snips at Home Depot on sale for $9.99, but it usually costs, $29.99.  Again, no cost to me for this project, because I had bought them for a prior project.

Picture Frame (glass optional)
I used an old 8x10 frame that was in my basement. 

To start, if you have the glass, lay it on your sheet metal and trace around the edges.  Alternatively, lay your frame face down and trace the inside of it, but you may want to add 1/8 to 1/4 inch around to make sure the metal comes out big enough to fill the frame without falling out. Honestly, I'd probably just lay the frame down facing up (with the back down), and when running my sharpie marker around the frame, I'd angle it 45 degrees so the traced shape is a bit larger than the front of the frame, as it should be. 

Using your tin snips (you may want to wear work gloves to protect yourself, since sheet metal becomes razor sharp after you cut it with tin snips--be careful!), cut out the metal rectangle you traced earlier. 

Lay the metal inside your frame to ensure a good fit, and make any adjustments as necessary.

I only did this part because they came with the frame, but next I put the foam sheet and the glass in the frame, behind the sheet metal, so the metal is exposed at the front of the frame.  Put the backing back into the frame and latch it closed.

Now you have a nice, decorative frame for magnetic poetry, and it was at little to no cost!

I tried to keep my poetry clean, so, you're WELCOME. :-)

I hung the frame on my wall just to see how it would look, and I really like it. I will probably not hang it at this time, just because I am thinking it will be great on my coffee table, but I love this look!

So, there you have it!  A nice, possibly free way to class-up your immaturity self-expression.
I hope you like it, and if you do make one using this tutorial, please share it on my Facebook page or in the comments below!  

A great variation on this project for gift-giving: Get small frames from the dollar store, compose some personalized magnetic poems for your friends, and make them their own framed poem!

Thanks so much for reading, and happy composing!

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  1. This is amazing! It’s quite easy to do, and most of the materials are easy to find. I like the fact that the materials could also come from scrap, which allows us to recycle stuff, and save more money. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us, Ashley! Cheers!

    Rosemary Bailey @ WabiCorpCa