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Monday, July 28, 2014

Recycled Liquor Bottle Soap Pump

I have been home from work for a few weeks due to my TMJ issues, but the good thing about that is I've had extra time for projects during the times that my pain meds are doing their job.  I recently saw some things on Pinterest where people were making soap pumps out of old liquor bottles, and I thought, "I have those things!  I must make it NOW!"  And so, I did.

To start, you will need the following:

A power drill with multiple size bits
Tacky Glue
Empty liquor bottle (mine is a Patron bottle)
X-acto knife with a fresh blade
Box cutter (or a very sharp knife)
Old soap pump from either a store-bought bottle or a recycled soap bottle

If you are using a Patron bottle, you will need the cork from it for this project to work.  If you are using a bottle that already has threads, then you just screw the pump on and you're done. Of course, I had to be stubborn and I wanted THIS bottle to work!

First, cut the ball off of the top of your cork.  You only need the part that will be gripping the bottle. The goal is to get it sized right to fit around the neck of the soap pump in the proper place. put the pump into the bottle and look where that should be to get an idea of how much carving you will have to do in the next step.

Next, take a small drill bit and CAREFULLY drill a hole through the center of your remaining cork.  This is very delicate work, and I can't believe I didn't break the thing. 

Next, use a larger drill bit and drill out more cork in the center, being careful not to get too close to an edge.  After that, take the x-acto blade and go around the inside of the cork, gradually trimming more and more until the cork is the right size to slide onto the pump.

Put tacky glue inside the circumference of the pump.

Slide the cork onto the pump and align it where it will be resting inside the neck of the bottle.  You will be tempted to put this into the bottle and check it out, but don't do that because you will have a big mess to clean up, and it will get stuck.

Be sure to wipe any excess glue off of the pump with a damp paper towel.  It will get on the pump when you are sliding it on. 

The most important step for this project is drying time. I may have gotten impatient and taken some hot glue to a few spots on mine, but you want to let yours dry for at least 24 hours.  While you're waiting, you can wrap the neck of the bottle with twine for a little extra decorative touch.

Spread tacky glue around the neck of the bottle, wrap twine and cut ends at an angle so they blend in better (tapered instead of straight across), and hold in place for about 30 seconds before letting it set to dry.

After everything has dried, use some of my easy liquid soap made from bar soap to fill your bottle, and put it next to the sink.  I love mine.  

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