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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gift Bag From Scrapbook Paper

We are having a baby shower for my supervisor on Wednesday.  Due to my TMJ, I am stuck at home undergoing treatment, and I will be unable to make it.  I decided to knit her something, since that's what I do all the time, anyway:

The only problem is that all I have around my house is blue wrapping paper!  I sometimes require medication that, while taking, I cannot drive.   Because of this, I am stuck at home today, and I needed a gift bag!  The one thing I do have is scrapbook paper.  Thus, I set out to make my own gift bag:

Glue Stick
2 pieces of scrapbook paper
about 50" of ribbon, 70" if you want to tie the bag shut and skip the tissue paper.
Hole punch
scotch tape (optional)
gift tag (optional)

Here's the template I designed.  The finished bag is approximately 8 inches wide, 9.5 inches high and 2 inches deep.  The red marks indicate where to cut, the blue marks indicate folds, and the grey marks indicate glue (I omitted the glue from the bottom of the bag on the template, oops).

You will be making two of the following:

First, fold along the 2" mark on each side.  These will become the sides of the bag.

Next, fold again in the same sides on the 1/4" mark.  This is where you will be gluing the sides together.

Here is a top view of how the bag sides will go together once you glue them.

Next, fold down the top 1/4" of the paper and glue it down.  This will be the top of your bag.

Next, cut the 2" slits up the sides of the bag and fold up.

This will be the bottom of the bag and the tabs you glue to hold the bottom.

Here is another view of that.

Next, cut 1/4" slits along the side fold, as shown here and on the template.  The top of this strip will be glued for the sides, and the bottom will be glued for the bottom of the bag.

Here is how it should look after cutting.

Next, place the two pieces of paper with the decorative sides facing eachother (the bag is essentially inside out at this point.  Glue the first side together, not including the bottom.  Fold the tab in on itself and glue it down flat, as shown below:

One side of the bag is now glued.

Next, flip the bag right side out, and reach inside with a glue stick and glue the tabs together.  

Using a glue stick, take the tab left and glue it down flat.

Now you have the start of a recognizable gift bag!

On the bottom of the bag, you will have two tabs on each side, and one long strip on each length.  Glue the tabs on top of each other, then glue the long tabs down as if you are closing a cereal box.

You now have finished the main bag.

Punch holes on each side of the bag about 2" from the sides.  Make sure to punch on the folded paper so you have the thicker reinforcement.

Cut your ribbon into two lengths, about 24" long.

String through two loops on one side and tie a knot on the inside of the bag.

Secure the knot inside with a piece of scotch tape.

Put your gifts inside the bag and either fill with tissue paper, or use another length of ribbon to string through all four holes and tie it shut.  You now have a professional-looking gift bag and you didn't have to leave the house!


  1. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing how to to do it! :)