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Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventures in Amateur Gardening

The other day, I found out I have to have jaw surgery.  I'm not sure what that entails as of yet, but it definitely involves some time off work.  For those of you who don't know me, I've been battling TMJ for some time now, and I've missed work as a result.  I work in a call center, so I basically have the worst profession possible for this type of medical problem!  Anyway,  since I've had time off, I've been working on things around the house (obviously, for as cheap as possible due to medical expenses).  What sparked the gardening interest was the fact that my neighbors threw away this arbor:

I fixed it with a little bit of tape, and it kind of took off from there.  So far, so good.  About a month ago, I spent two bucks on a seed starter kit and another two bucks on some seeds; sunflowers and moonflowers.  No reason for the types, I just bought moonflowers because I successfully grew them in the past. Plus, they will hopefully grow to climb that arbor and cover up the taped spot, thus making my garden a little less....."trash-picker-esque."  I chose the sunflowers because I wanted to grow something that would turn out taller than me.  I like results!  Today, I decided it was finally time to transplant my little seedlings, because the ten-day forecast shows that we finally won't have night temperatures drop below freezing.

I planted my moonflowers below the arbor on each side.  I also planted the sunflowers around it.  I used spare garden fencing and yarn to create a critter-proof barrier, and hopefully the things won't get eaten.

Did you know that mismatched knitting needles are perfect to use as garden stakes?  I knew I was saving those for something useful.

I know they're supposed to be planted at least a foot apart, but I know myself, and I am assuming that half the plants will die anyway.  Plus, I ran out of places to plant them!

Here's the garden post-transplant.  Hopefully they will all make it!

I plan to plant more moonflowers, but this time I will be putting them straight in the ground.  This requires that I soak the seeds 24 hours prior to planting, and that's why I have a shot glass full of seeds on my window sill.  That alligator you see is a toy we found on the ground the day my husband and I moved into our first place together five years ago.  He's been with us ever since.  


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